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Hi guys, sorry for not updating so long this business blog. Actually, i'm quite busy with my new website and graphics work..haha.. sorry xoxo . At 2007 , i'm on plan to add some of new websites relating to service and product(its all in my paper now!!.). Ok, stop to talking about myself, lets here the 'fresh' story. :-).. I know u boring read myself story..aha.

The malaysian very famous internet marketer (Alang) have launched his new website yesterday.. The website called Ventedoy . It was a unique directory based on how much you pay to submit your website, you will get the high rangking .Ventedoy means "Give me a money" in spanish are suitable with this directory concept - said his owner (Alang). Based on my expectation, this website will be come the one of popular directory on the net. Why i said that?..Yes, absolutely the idea of directory totally are very unique. Like the the others one Alang directory befored - It get a full attentions by people on the net. Sounds great huh?..To know more about how you can submit your website at ventedoy, just click here

see you guys soon :-)

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10 Things You MUST Do to Succeed In Your Home Based Business

Many people dream about working at home in their own home based business. Let's face it, it is a dream come true. To be your own boss, work your own hours and be the master of your own destiny. There are many home based business opportunities available online, including affiliate programs, network marketing and direct sales. All allow you to work at home. As many of us realized early on in our home business careers, there are some ground rules you must follow in order to be successful with your home based business.

1. Be consistent: If you are running an email campaign and you are dedicated to submit to safelists everyday, then do it everyday- not once a week. You must be consistent if you want to be taken seriously.

2. Treat your business like a business - not a hobby: I have seen so many people fail in their business because they don't treat it like a business, they treat it like a hobby. How much does a hobby pay? NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH - nuff saiid.

3. Make a schedule and stick to it: what would happen if you went to work whenever you wanted to? You just showed up when you felt like working? How long would you have a job?

4. Advertise: Yes, advertise. It is amazing to me that people get into a home based internet business and are shocked when they find out they need to put money into advertising. How are people going to know about your business if you don't let them know.

5. KEEP POSITIVE: There will be challenges. Are you suprised? You shouldn't be, you are going through challenges everyday in your personal life. They may be big or small. It is how you react to them that will determine your success. Do not let negativity steal your dreams. Get around positive people, this helps me everyday.

6. Keep Learning: You should make a point to read at least 1 book a week. I don't mean the lastest Grisham novel, I am talking about books that will drive your business and personal development to the next level. Books on personal development, marketing, sales,

7. Budget your expenses: You need to know how much you have to promote your business with and how much money it will take monthly to achieve the success you want. Know what you can afford and stick to it. In the begining the money will be slow to come in, realize that and plan ahead.

8. Write down your goals: It has been said many times - 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail' - there is a reason you hear that all the time. It's true. How can you draw a map if you don't know where you are going?

9. Stay focused: Do not lose sight of your goals. You must focus on your business everyday. Do not let little things get in the way. You will not be successful if you are chasing the latest and greatest opportunity. Do not become distracted, maintain that solo focus you need to succeed.

10. Work space: You must have a space that you can call your own while you are working. Lock the door, don't let the kids in. This is your time and you need it for your business. You need to spend this time without interuption. Having four children of my own - this was a tough one.

If you can master these 10 things you will be that much closer to success. Welcome to the ranks of the online entrepreneur.

To Great Success

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There's a new report floating around titled The Death of Adsense, and the Return to Common Sense. It's short, very well written - and it's a major cliffhanger! What do I mean by that?
Check it
out for yourself and see (it's a free download), but suffice it to say that you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what Scott Boulch has to say next! Download Here

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Team SAIFULSHAM at Kelana Jaya

Hot News!!!

Location: Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, kelana Jaya Urban Centre
Date: 9th Sept 2006


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Pixel Ads Know Taking Over A Building

What started as a nerdy concept for the creator of the has now spread into a building version in the same vein. So that we're on the same page (pardon the pun), is a site devised by a 20-year-old 'minipreneur'. The site is a visual bombardment of advertising pixels on one page, and has earned its creator over a million dollars in advertising sales. Now the concept has been applied to a building developed by the Sandberg Institute. With companies like Nike and Apple on board, the concept simply cant fail.

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Selling a Product on the Internet

If you plan on selling a product online, one of the main things you'll want to focus on is learning how to create a search engine friendly website so people can find your site.
After all.... No traffic means no sales and definitely no profits.

Don't ever try to sell a product online until you are sure your web host provides website creation and marketing support. People get so concerned with how their website design will look and how they are going to collect payments, setup their online shopping cart, etc. These days that's the easy part.

What's more important is that you choose a web host that helps with online marketing so you don't end up with a store that receives zero visits. Selling products with a website is not just about creating your online store and letting your website sit out in cyberspace expecting people to stumble upon your site and buy something.

It is absolutely crucial that you understand how to get your website ranked high in MSN, Google and Yahoo. This will be vital to your success and people often underestimate the importance of this.

Most web hosts don't even help you with marketing. It's not in their business model to help you promote your site and help sell products. They are simply there to host it on their servers.

So what happens is people often pay their hard-earned money to build this outstanding online store with a fancy design, and there isn't a visitor to be found. What they don't realize is that they've failed before they even began because they've chosen the wrong host.

You won't fail if you follow my advice below. I am confident of this because I use this web host and recommend to everyone I know who wants to sell something on the Internet.

Use Site Build It - No Other Host Compares. Site Build It is a web host committed to not only helping you build your website, but it shows you how to optimize it for the major search engines as well as build other traffic streams so you sell products.

1.Accepting Credit Cards From Your Store.
This is important part. Accepting credit cards is a must for online commerce. I recommend you use Paypal as your merchant. It's pretty easy to setup.
With Paypal, you don't have to rent or purchase any equipment because they take the orders for you and then send your revenue directly to your bank account. They take a small percentage of every order you receive. This is MUCH more convenient than having to apply for a business license, rent out the equipment and handle all the orders yourself. PayPal makes it quick and easy.

2.Creating and Selling an Information Product
An information product (or infoproduct) is just what the name suggests. It's a product full of information.

These days, many info products come in the form of eBooks -- which stands for "electronic books". This means your customer can download your book right from your web site and read it from their PC. E-books are convenient because you don't have to worry about shipping and handling. Once you create it and upload it to your site, it's ready for instant download by your customers.

With this method, you don't have to worry about shipping and handling costs, and your customers are happy because they can download their product as soon as the sale is made.

An infoproduct can also come in the form of plain old information. You don't necessarily have to sell an ebook. If you have the knowledge on a certain subject that you'd like to share, you can still make money with pure content and affiliate programs.

P/s: If you want to sell product right know on the net,do it know. Learn from using 'trial and error' method. Study the market, get your niche.

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Mencari kepastian bersama anak Datuk K...

Dah lama tak berbahasa melayu dalam blog ni. Hari ni angin sy berubah pula.oh..Kita beralih topic sikit hari ni. Topic yg "tengah" cukup panas sekali bagi org malaysia amnya. Ha, based on tajuk dkt atas tu ia agak berbunyi yg sy ni ambil kisah juga dgn industri hiburan. Ish, tidak la(hoho..cover-cover). Saya kebetulan terjumpa sumber ni dan sy tahu ia memang benar.Memang sy tau, mesti yg dah ramai tgk gambar-gambar pasal anak Dato K ni dkt internet.Tp, boleh percaya ke?? (mcm iklan syampu wahida pula..hehe). Ok, jom kita baca..

Gambar atas - Datuk Khalid semasa sedang bercuti dengan anak-anaknya di San Francisco hujung Disember lalu.Dari kiri Mohd Adib,Mohd Anas dan Mohd Ashraf.

Gambar bawah kiri - Adib bersama dua kenalannya di satu majlis meraikan harijadi seorang rakannya di Kuala Lumpur Jumaat lalu manakala kiri gambar dia sedang memegang gelas di sebuah restoran di komplek membeli belah Starhill,Kuala Lumpur pada Hari Ibu baru-baru ini.Kedua-dua gambar ini antara beberapa gambarnya yang tersebar meluas dalam intenet.


Mohd Adib tersenyum riang ketika secara berjenaka bertanya, "Macam mana rasa.. Ok dak?"

Abangnya,Mohd Anas dan seorang rakannya tertawa melihat ragam adiknya itu.

Petang Jumaat - Adib,16 telah telah menerima undangan Agendadaily untuk minum bersama di sebuah restoran di komplek membeli belah Starhill di Jalan Bukit Bintang,Kuala Lumpur.

Anas,19 yang pulang bercuti dari Melbourne,Australia dimana dia kini sedang melanjutkan pelajaran datang bersama menemani adiknya itu.

Adib ialah anak kedua kepada Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa manakala Anas ialah yang sulong dari empat beradik.

Selain dari sembang-sembang tujuan utama pertemuan itu adalah untuk mendapat kepastian mengenai salah satu gambar Adib yang tersebar luas menerusi internet dimana dia sedang memegang gelas.

Sekali imbas gambar itu seolah-olah dia sedang memegang gelas minuman keras.

Tidak lama selepas duduk di salah sebuah meja di restoran itu Adib memesan dua gelas minuman sama seperti dalam gambar itu.

Mengikut buku menu restoran itu ia dikenali sebagai Margitha iaitu minuman ringan yang rasa agak masam sikit dan berperisa garam.

Pelayan restoran itu sendiri mengesahkan ia minuman adunan mereka sendiri yang tidak mengandongi sebarang alkohol.

Adib kini belajar di sebuah sekolah menengah antarabangsa di Setapak.

Katanya gambar dia sedang pegang gelas itu diambil pada Hari Ibu baru-baru ini.

Ibunya Tengku Zawiyah ada bersamanya di dalam restoran itu sewaktu dia minum pada hari berkenaan.

Mereka duduk di situ selepas Adib membeli hadiah, sebuah beg tangan untuk ibunya di komplek membeli belah itu sempena Hari Ibu.

Gambar yang tersebar itu dipercayai diambil oleh pihak tertentu dari ruanganya di laman web Friendster ,yang popular dikalangan anak-anak remaja.

"Sebelum ini saya memang selalu letak gambar-gambar yang saya ambil bersama rakan-rakan di situ.Saja suka-suka. Lepas ni..minta maaflah... tak lagi kot,"katanya sambil tertawa.

Penyebaran gambar-gambar itu dipercayai bertujuan untuk mencetuskan keraguan terhadap kredibiliti Khalid sebagai seorang bapa.

Ini berikutan kehangatan suasana menjelang majlis perkahwinannya dengan Siti Nurhaliza bulan depan.

Mengenai gambarnya di satu majlis yang turut tersebar,Adib memberitahu ia adalah majlis meraikan hari jadi seorang rakannya di sebuah kelab di Maju Junction,Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman pada hari Jumaat lalu (14 Julai).

Katanya dia hanya beraksi begitu semasa diminta bergambar bersama dua orang gadis.

Kedua gadis yang berusia 18 dan 20 tahun itu merupakan antara kenalanya yang turut hadir di majlis berkenaan.

"Saya sendiri tak sangka langsung gambar-gambar ini boleh tersebar meluas menerusi internet,"katanya.

Anas berkata dia sedar gambar-gambar itu sudah tersebar merata-rata.

"Malah ada seorang rakan saya di Australia yang menelefon memberitahu dia melihat gambar-gambar itu dalam internet,"katanya.

Pelajar tahun satu bidang pentabiran perniagaan di Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT) ini berkata memang perangai adiknya suka beraksi macam-macam semasa bergambar.

Dia berharap gambar-gambar ini tidak menimbulkan sangkaan yang bukan-bukan lebih-lebih lagi terhadap bapanya.

"Bapa saya adalah seorang yang caring terhadap anak-anak.Sekalipun sudah berpisah dengan ibu dia tetap seperti dulu sentiasa ambil berat tentang hal ehwal kami adik beradik,"katanya.

Anas mengakui dia memang agak rimas publisiti mengenai keluarganya kebelakangan ini.Dia juga menolak untuk bergambar semasa di situ. " Biar adik saya ni glamour seorang,"katanya secara berjenaka.

Sebelum ini dia sendiri menolak beberapa permintaan pihak media untuk mengadakan temuramah dengannya.

"Saya terpaksa menerima suasana publisti sekarang sebagai satu fact of life yang perlu dihadapi.Cuma saya harap hal ini akan reda lepas ini dan kami dapat kembali meneruskan kehidupan kami yang biasa-biasa seperti dulu,"katanya.

Menurut Anas dia akan kembali ke Melbourne Isnin ini dan tidak dapat pulang untuk menghadiri majlis perkahwinan bapanya dengan Siti Nurhaliza pada 28 Ogos ini kerana terikat dengan jadual ketat pengajian.

"Lagipun saya baru saja pulang bercuti,"ujarnya. - 21/7/2006(

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Sony launches "Mylo"

This is a awesome gadget of the year. Compared to most Sony gear we've seen over the past few years, the mylo is a breath of fresh air. Mylo stand for "My Life Online". The media player does MPEG-4, digital audio, and pictures. But it also has a WiFi connection and a QWERTY keyboard, for chatting on Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Wait, wait, wait! It also works as a wireless Skype phone! And it has an Opera browser. And it can wirelessly stream music to other mylo owners in the area, ala iTunes. Without cellular connectivity, its not going to best a Hiptop, but we love the open standard support. The things i love about mylo are - google chat. i'm crazy about this IM. It was cute and very clear when u chat or make a call pc to pc. Full Stats and a video review after the jump.

The mylo has 1GB of flash memory, backed by a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot. Its screen is a 320 by 240 pixel 2.4-inch LCD. It'll retail for $350 when it hits the shelves in September. i think this gadget become more popular than ipod. i'll try to sell this one on Ebay or in my new store soon..hehe.

p/s: Sorry guys, on under maintainence right know.We gonna change the new template..

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Sorry guys..sorry. Three things i can said for the answer;

1) Study (struggle because last Month is my last Semester!!)
2) Limited Connection (i only online three times perweek)
3) I am a director for Saifulsham seminar at Unitar (It takes a lot of work, fuhh)

And know...I'm free, i'm hunting a jobs know!!!

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Is that Ronaldinho??

Ha..ha..ha, very funny when i saw this picture at a blog friends of mine.Exactly, this is Ronaldinho born in indonesia (you should believe that!!!).First impression,i also think like you guys, is that Ronaldinho? He not just have almost same face with ronald, he also have a same names with ronaldinho- Ronaldikin.

Translation: meet Ronaldinho: Sodikin, 32, a local at Banjaran in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, has a dream: to meet his idol Ronaldinho. Having a striking resemblance to the Brazilian superstar, he calls himself Ronaldikin.

(source via Pinolobu)

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The Authors

John Travolta

John lives in Toronto and is a freelance illustrator and a designer/animator for CHUM Television. He writes about , design, and visual culture under the pseudonym Robot Johnny

Claire Robbinson

Claire Robertson is an illustrator and toy from Melbourne, Australia. While her illustration clients have included The New York Public Library, Scholastic and Cambridge University Press, it’s her blog that brings her the most joy and which has attracted the most attention with rave reviews in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED Magazine and The Guardian.

About This Blog

This blog is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources. Albert Einstein said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources,” but what the hell did he know anyway? The site was conceived by John, like all good ideas, while goofing off at work.

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